Project Overview:

Our goal is to design an autonomous drone that can accuratly simulation artillery fire trainning. architecture shall be designed for modularity, scalability and expansion. MAPS is composed of a Portable Graphical User Interface computer, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and Video Communication System. Together these components will facilitate realistic training simulation through automated remote payload drop-offs.



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RFID Reader's Patch Antenna Figure 1: Click each component for additional information


For a higher level understanding and less detail on description, we created a Block Diagram, a diagram of our system represented by blocks connected by lines showing their relationships. This is aimed for for the audience to further understand the overall concepts of our project and less at understanding details of implementation. We broke up our entire block diagram in two sections, the left side being the Ground Control Station and the right being the Airborne System. At Ground Control, you will find all the functionalities necessary to whomever will be flying the copter. We have our Rc Radio for override and the Tablet that contains our user friendly GUI. For a live video feedback to the tablet, it requires a router and a video receiver on the ground to transfer and convert the video from analog to digital. The airborne system is much more complicated and has many more component to make this system complete. It includes all the necessary stable parts for our copter including sensors, motors and the payload mechanism. The other aspects in our Airborne System include the functions that send back data to the ground station including the RC Transceiver, Telemetry and the video Transmitter connected to the camera. All of the elements on our block diagram is essential in describing a clear visual system to our client and team members. This representation of our product helps make our complex system seem simple and visibly easy to understand


Block Diagram

Figure 2: Block Diagram Depicting functionality