Gound Station

Here you’ll see a photo of all the components that make up our ground station.  In the top right is our tablet which is the primary tool the user will be interacting with.  It will be running our GUI application where the user can set missions and view telemetry data such as speed and current location.

We’ll be using high power XBee 900 modules to communicate this data directly from the tablet to our copter.  The RC controller on the top right is for manual control of the copter or emergency situations.

The rest of the components you see, the receiver, the laptop, and the cellphone are used for our video system which you can find HERE (LINK TO VIDEO DESCRIPTION).

Components/Product Links:

XBee-PRO 900HP http://www.mouser.com/pdfdocs/Digi_International_XbeePro_900HP_Datasheet.pdf ASUS VivoTab

Smart http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus---VivoTab-Smart-Tablet-with-64GB-Memory---

Black/7428261.p?id=1218857927486&skuId=7428261 Spektrum Dx6i