Video System

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The main components of our video system consist of a small CMOS camera, a video transmitter/receiver, and a RCA-USB converter.  Onboard the copter, we have the camera and the 5.8GHz transmitter both drawing power by a separate 11.1V 1250mah LiPo battery.  The transmitter sends the video feed to the ground where the receiver processes the signal.

The receiver outputs an analog signal, so we are using an RCA to USB converter to view the video feed on a PC.  Once on the PC, we utilized VLC (an open-source cross-platform media player and streaming media server application) to encode the video into an MJPEG format and stream to a local IP address where it can be accessed by our tablet application within our wireless LAN.

At the center of our network is a mobile Android device which we’ve configured to act as an access point.  This will be the medium through which our tablet will communicate with the PC to receive live video from the copter.  The receiving end of the video system could easily have been connected to the router, but for a more portable system, we implemented it this way

Components/Product Links:

5.8Ghz 500mW Wireless Video Transmitter-Receiver kit



CMOS Video Camera - 640x480

Elgato USB Video Capture